11. July 2014

Transfer of the European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH)

The European Science Foundation (ESF) and the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) are pleased to announce that the transfer of the European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH) to NSD has been completed and ERIH PLUS is now accessible at the NSD website. [more]

3. July 2014

Forecasting the development of breakthrough technologies to enable novel space missions

A new report, Technological Breakthroughs for Scientific Progress (TECHBREAK), has been published today by the European Science Foundation.  [more]

27. June 2014

New concepts of mobility to foster career development and gender balance in Europe

A session on ‘New concepts of mobility to foster career development and gender balance in Europe’ was jointly organised by the European Science Foundation (ESF) and the mobile Women in Science Engineering and Technology (m-WiSET) working group of Marie Curie Fellows Association (MCFA). As part of... [more]

26. May 2014

Opening of the exhibition of Nobel Laureate Portraits photographed by Peter Badge

50 remarkable portraits of Nobel Laureates photographed by Peter Badge are on display from 24 May until 13 June 2014 at the Hôtel de Ville , salle Conrath, 9 rue Brûlée in Strasbourg. [more]

22. May 2014

Photographic portrait exhibition of Nobel laureates

A photo exhibition of Nobel laureate portraits by Peter Badge is on loan to the ESF from the Foundation Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings in Germany.The exhibition will be held in Strasbourg Hôtel de Ville (Salle Conrath), 9 rue Brûlée, 67000 Strasbourg, from 24 May to 13 June 2014. [more]

14. May 2014

ESF’s 40th birthday – A celebration of 40 years of European Science

On 15-16 May 2014, the European Science Foundation (ESF) holds a celebratory event in Strasbourg to commemorate its 40 years of scientific networking and collaboration. [more]

5. May 2014

The EUROCORES programme EuroSYNBIO releases new video.

A video showing current developments in the field of synthetic biology has just been released by researchers from the ESF EUROCORES Programme EuroSYNBIO. The film is available at the EuroSYNBIO website. In this programme, and more specifically in the Collaborative Research Project SYNMOD, the... [more]

17. April 2014

European Space Sciences Committee (ESSC): Chair Elect Prof Athena Coustenis endorsed by ESF Governing Council

The ESF Governing Council meeting in Munich on 14-15 April 2014 endorsed the nomination of Prof. Athena Coustenis (Meudon Observatory) as the upcoming Chairperson of the European Space Sciences Committee (ESSC), effective November 2014. [more]

4. April 2014

Scientists begin Mars exploration in a deep mine

This week, twenty European scientists will gather at Boulby mine in the UK to begin testing technologies for the exploration of Mars and hunting for deep subsurface life that will aid scientists in their search for extraterrestrial life. [more]

2. April 2014

New Forward Look report available "Media in Europe: New Questions for Research and Policy"

A new report from the European Science Foundation, ‘Media in Europe: New Questions for Research and Policy’, examines the field of media studies and proposes an agenda for research for the next decade. [more]