12. March 2014

MatSEEC partner of the 7th International Conference on Bio-based Materials

Taking place in Maternushaus, Cologne, Germany, 8 -10 April 2014, it's one of the biggest conferences of its kind with more than 180 participants from all over the world. [more]

12. March 2014

Arctic 2050: Towards ecosystem-based management in a changing Arctic Ocean

European Marine Board Forum discusses the implications of a changing Arctic. [more]

20. February 2014

European Social Survey Round 8 Questionnaire Module Call

The call for proposals from multi-national teams - to design modules for the European Social Survey (ESS) Round 8 questionnaire - has now opened. ESS Round 8 will go into the field in September 2016. [more]

12. February 2014

Research Networking Programme NETWORDS - Summer School announcement

the 2nd Interdisciplinary Summer School on Words: structure, meaning, acquisition, processing will take place in TRONDHEIM (NORWAY), 4th-9th August 2014.  [more]

5. February 2014

ERIH - European Research Index for the Humanities announcement

The European Science Foundation (ESF) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) to transfer the maintenance and operations of the European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH) to NSD.  [more]

2. December 2013

Research Networking Programme CONGENOMICS - Spring School announcement

A spring school entitled "Landscape genetics in transition to landscape genomics: challenges and opportunities to explore NGS data in a spatially explicit context" is organised the 23-29 March 2014, Bertino, Italy. [more]

26. November 2013

GRAPHENE Flagship Competitive Call now open

The GRAPHENE Flagship Project consortium will be extended with new partners demonstrating complementarities to carry out specific research tasks within the project. [more]

19. November 2013

A new energy revolution could begin in Europe.

According to delegates at the Fourth World Materials Summit held at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg on 14-15 October 2013, a new energy revolution could begin – and begin in Europe – based on the same greenhouse gas that threatens the planet with climate change. [more]

6. November 2013

New report calls for sustained public endorsement and funding for human stem cell research

The European Science Foundation reports on the scientific and policy issues surrounding human stem cell research across Europe [more]

4. November 2013

Round-Table Debate on the Research Infrastructure Information Base in Europe

To mark the arrival of the MERIL information platform on research infrastructures, the European Science Foundation is convening in Brussels, 6 November 2013, a Round-Table Debate to examine the contribution that accurate information on the research infrastructure landscape can make to research and... [more]