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Leuven UniversityLeuvenBelgium

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H. Buescu, University of Lisbon, Faculdade de Letras, Portugal - H. Hendrix, Utrecht University & Netherlands Graduate School for Literary Studies, Muntstraat, Netherlands - S.E. Larsen, Aarhus University, Institute of Aesthetic Studies, Department of Comparative Literature, Denmark - T. Mathews, University College London, Graduate School Department of French, United Kingdom - A. Nünning, Justus-Liebig University Giessen, Institut für Anglistik, Germany.


12-16 May 2007


Klosterhotel, Vadstena, Sweden
The conference will take place at Klosterhotel in Vadstena, Sweden. Vadstena is located in the south-eastern province of Östergötland, in a lovely natural setting on the shores of beautiful Lake Vättern, offering comfortable accommodation in a historic environment. During the Middle Ages, Vadstena was the location of a catholic monastery for monks and nuns of the Birgittine order and nowadays the conference center and hotel is largely located in the same medieval buildings that were once the monastery. With 5 600 inhabitants, Vadstena is 45 km from Linköping and 330 km from Stockholm. Group transportation will be arranged from/to Linköping airport, via Linköping train station, on arrival and departure days.

Final Programme & List of Accepted Participants

Recently, the European Union welcomed fifteen new member states. The accession of a number of Balkan states is impending. Turkey is waiting in the wings. Transatlantic relations to the USA are hotly debated, in politics as in culture. China and India awake as economic giants. Globalization is upon us. At the same time, two of the earliest signatories to the treaties eventually leading to the European Union reject a proposal for a European Constitution, and linguistic, religious, and ethnic dividing lines show even in some of Europe’s oldest nation states. What role do literature, and the study of literature, play in the constant re-negotiation and re-construction of cultural identities all this implies? How do literary texts, genres, and forms, thinking about them, teaching them, respond to and shape ongoing processes of European self-understanding in our era of globalization? The conference will seek to answer these questions by charting key developments in a number of fields its organizers see as crucial to the emergence of a European common literary “space”: Literature and cultural value systems, Literature and cultural memory, Literary History, Translation, the impact of the New Media and the Information Age on matters of Literature and Identity, and the impact of the Postcolonial. Emphasis will be not on looking back, but rather on pinpointing where a specific field is at right now, looking forward to probable developments, and drawing up a possible research agenda for literary studies in Europe.

Invited speakers should look upon their presentation not as a polished conference paper, but as a thought-provoking tour d’horizon in which they discuss the import of what they see as cutting-edge developments in their field on the relationship between literary studies and “the matter of Europe”.

Poster sessions are planned and time will be alloted to short oral contributions (selected from abstracts).

Final Programme PDF (87 KB) Last Updated 10-May-2007
List of Invited Speakers & Accepted Participants

Abstracts, Posters & Short Oral Contributions

There will be no short talks other than those listed on the final programme (see above). All other abstracts are accepted as posters.

Posters can be fixed with magnets and pins onto poster panels. Recommended poster size is 140 cm high x 100 cm wide. Use letters and drawings that can be read from approximately 100 cm distance.

List of Accepted Posters PDF (1 MB) Last Updated 30-March-2007

Group Transportation & Practical Information Guide

Detailed information on all practical aspects of the conference (access to site, registration & fee payments, accommodation, travel reimbursements...) is available from the Practical Information Guide. Please read it fully and carefully...

Practical Information Guide PDF (91 KB) Last Updated 30-March-2007

Two buses will be arranged on arrival day from Linköping airport, via the Linköping train station, to Vadstena. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes.
Bus departure times - Saturday 12 May:
- from Linköping airport: 15.4516-45 - 17.45
- from Linköping train station: 16.0017.00 - 18.00
Airport departure point: the meeting point is located just outside the small airport building. The coaches will have a sign in the window indicating “ESF Research Conferences” for easy recognition.
Group transportation back to Linköping will be arranged in a similar way for the departure day.
Bus departure times - Wednesday 16 May:
08.00 - 09.00 - 11.00 (to Linköping airport AND train station)

Please note that SINGLE accommodation can only be guaranteed to invited speakers. All other participants will have to share a TWIN room. In case single rooms would become available at the time of the conference, rooms will be attributed on a “first come, first served” basis. Only the TWIN conference fee (EUR 720) should be paid to the ESF when registering. The supplement for single (EUR 150) should be paid to Vadstena Klosterhotel. Should you wish to be put on waiting list for single accommodation, please contact Ms. Anne Blondeel-Oman.

Conference Fees

Fees (1)

What the fees cover

EUR 870

conference, meals and single room

EUR 720

conference, meals and twin OR double room (2)

EUR 380

non-resident: conference, meals (no room)

(1) A 100 EUR supplement is charged on any payment received after the deadline (4 weeks prior to the conference)
(2) Board & lodging for accompanying guests (in double room with conferee) must be arranged and paid to the venue.

Registration Form

All participants - including speakers & session chairs - are kindly expected to confirm their attendance (and, when applicable, to pay the conference fee) by filling in a Registration Form.
Closing date for registration & fee payment: 13 April 2007

ESF Contact

Senior Conference Officer

Phone: +32 (0)2 533 2020
Fax: +32 (0)2 538 8486
Please quote 07-230 in any correspondence.


This conference is organised by the European Science Foundation (ESF) in partnership with Linköping University.

With Support from

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