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ESF-IfW Conference on the Global Health Economy


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Finn BørlumKristensenE-Mail
Danish Centre for Evaluation & Health Technology AssessmentNational Board of Health IslandsCopenhagenDenmark


Collège de la Haute Autorité de SantéCommission Evaluation des Stratégies de Santé (E2S)Saint-Denis la PlaineFrance


7-10 May 2007


Salzau Castle (near Kiel), Germany
The conference will be held at the Landeskulturzentrum Salzau, near Kiel in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The Landeskulturzentrum is situated 140 km north of Hamburg. Kiel is about 30 km from Salzau. Group transportation will be organised from/to Hamburg airport on arrival and departure day.

Final Programme & List of Accepted Participants

Rapid progress in medical technology is closely related to the process of globalization, the increasing integration of national markets for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and other types of health-related technology. The globalization of these markets has created an historically unprecedented opportunity to better exploit the inherent economies of scale in the generation, evaluation and diffusion of new technology so that all countries may, in principle, obtain large gains in human welfare. A potential stumbling block, however, lies in the national regulation of access to new medical technology and in the wide variety of specific rules and procedures that national health systems use to protect their patients against adverse events, limit expenditure growth, improve the cost-effectiveness of health care delivery, and achieve other health-related policy objectives. The issues for our conference thus lie at both the national and the international level, with a particular focus on the interaction between these two levels. At the national level, the question is how the regulation of medical technology can be improved to serve a country’s policy objectives. At the international level, the question is what sort of regulation will facilitate the further integration of national markets for medical technology. Inefficient national regulations do not only slow down the adoption and diffusion of existing medical technology whose social benefits exceed costs, but also tends to reduce the private incentives to invest into new biomedical research worldwide. The evident lack of international coordination on many issues where at least some of it would be desirable needs to be recognized as an additional source of incentive problems. 

Our conference comprises five thematic sessions with invited presentations and additional short talks and poster viewing sessions. The main sessions are titled:

  • (1) Theory and Policy Issues,
  • (2) Health Technology Adoption and Regulation in the European Union,
  • (3) Health Technology Adoption and Regulation in North America,
  • (4) Health Technology Adoption and Regulation in East Asia,
  • (5) Health Technology Adoption and Regulation in Low and Middle Income Countries.
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Young researchers from economics, medicine and related disciplines are invited to apply for this conference and contribute their own ideas and research findings for selected short talks and poster viewing sessions. Grants to cover the conference fee and a generous contribution towards travel costs will be available for the best young applicants. In addition, there will be talks selected from poster abstracts and prizes awarded for the best posters. The overall objective is to build international and interdisciplinary research networks in the area of medical decision making.

The conference is supported by a scientific advisory council that comprises leading scholars in the fields of medicine, health economics and related sciences and a number of leading representatives from German health care finance, industry and politics.

Final Programme Word (5.0 MB) PDF (75 KB) Last Updated 10-May-2007
List of Invited Speakers & Accepted Participants

Abstracts, Posters & Short Oral Contributions

All invited speakers present their ideas and findings to the full plenum, with sufficient time for plenary discussions after each talk. All abstracts will be made available in a printed booklet of abstract that will also be downloadable from the Kiel Institute’s conference website.
Outstanding junior scholars also give short oral presentations to the plenum. All abstracts not included in this programme are accepted as posters. Posters can be viewed during the breaks and in the dedicated poster session. The award for the best poster will be announced at the beginning of the forward look plenary session.
Posters can be fixed with pins or tape onto poster panels. Recommended poster size is 140 cm high x 100 cm wide. Use letters and drawings that can be read from approximately 100 cm distance.  

List of Accepted Posters Word (227 KB) PDF (41 KB) Last Updated 13-April-2007

Group Transportation & Practical Information Guide

Detailed information on all practical aspects of the conference (access to site, registration & fee payments, accommodation, travel reimbursements...) is available from the Practical Information Guide. Please read it fully and carefully...

Practical Information Guide Word (1.2 MB) PDF (1.9 MB) Last Updated 13-April-2007

Two buses will be arranged on arrival and departure days from/to Hamburg airport to the Landeskulturzentrum Salzau. The journey takes approximately 90 minutes.
Airport departure point: The driver will meet you at the meeting point at Terminal 1 Arrival approximately 10 minutes before the departure of the bus. He will carry a sign “ESF Research Conference” and wear the black-orange Vineta uniform.
Bus departure times:
- Monday 7 May (from Hamburg airport): 15.30 and 17.30
- Thursday 10 May (to Hamburg airport): 11.15

Please note that SINGLE accommodation can only be guaranteed to invited speakers. All other participants will have to share a TWIN room. In case single rooms would become available at the time of the conference, rooms will be attributed on a “first come, first served” basis. Only the TWIN conference fee (EUR 720) should be paid to the ESF when registering. The supplement for single should be paid to the Landeskulturzentrum Salzau. Should you wish to be put on waiting list for single accommodation, please send an email to Ms. Anne Blondeel-Oman.

Conference Fees


What the fees cover

EUR 720

conference, meals and twin room

EUR 590

non-resident: conference, meals (no room)

Note: no single accommodation available except for invited speakers

Registration Form

All participants - including speakers & session chairs - are kindly expected to confirm their attendance (and, when applicable, to pay the conference fee) by filling in a Registration Form.
Closing date for registration & fee payment: 26 April 2007

ESF Contact

Senior Conference Officer

Phone: +32 (0)2 533 2020
Fax: +32 (0)2 538 8486
Please quote 07-237 in any correspondence.


This conference is organised by the European Science Foundation (ESF) in partnership with the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW).