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Polish Academy of SciencesInstitute of MathematicsWarsawPoland


Polish Academy of SciencesCentre of Theoretical PhysicsWarsawPoland

ORGANISING COMMITTEE: Witold Respondek, INSA Rouen, FR - Paweł Urbański, University of Warsaw, PL

SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Ingemar Bengtsson, Stockholm University,SE - Roger Brockett, Harvard University, US - Steffen Glaser,TU München, DE - Nevin Khaneja, Harvard University, US -Manuel De Leon, Instituto de Matematicas y Fisica Fundamental, CSIC, ES - Giuseppe Marmo, Universita Federico II di Napoli and Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, IT


10-16 October 2007


Mathematical Research and Conference Center, Bedlewo, Poland
The Mathematical Research and Conference Center is located in Będlewo, 26 km southwest from Poznań. The Center is situated in a charming spot on the border of the Wielkopolski National Park. The complex spans 9 hectars, including a strictly preserved forest area. The Center itself is located in two buldings: a neo-gothic palace built in 1866, and a modern and fully equipped hotel.

Final Programme & List of Accepted Participants

The aim of the conference is to exchange ideas developed and being developed in three fields: geometric nonlinear control theory, geometrical mechanics, and geometry of quantum systems. The three topics use similar tools from differential geometry and may offer to each other new methods and ideas. Besides current research presentations, there are planned survey lectures, introducing new language and results to all domains described above. The main emphasis will be put on systems of finite dimension.

Quantum systems appear in the Quantum Information Theory (QIT) which is now rapidly developing field. Its experimental branch aims at construction of new quantum devices capable of storing, transforming, and transmitting information with efficiency and speed surpassing their classical counterparts. QIT renewed the interest in foundations of Quantum Mechanics and the geometry of quantum states. It is desirable to develop methods for effective production of particular quantum states of real physical systems like atoms, ions or molecules manipulated with the help of resonant, coherent radiation. The problem of construction of desirable states from available ones can be conveniently formulated as a control theory problem in the Hilbert space (or its projectivization) of the quantum system in question. The possibility of such a construction can be reduced to an appropriate accessibility or controllability question, whereas various demands summarized as ‘effectiveness’ (e.g. the speed of the evolution, the energetic cost etc.) can be treated as optimal control problem.

Controllability and optimal control problems have been successfully dealt with methods and tools of geometric control theory. This theory, developed over last 30 years, treats a control system as a collection of vector fields on a manifold, often exhibiting a special structure. Controllability criteria can be expressed in terms of the Lie algebra generated by the vector fields defining the system. In optimal control theory, the fundamental tool is the Pontryagin Maximum Principle and its geometric versions. Its recent applications in simple quantum systems give hopes of solving effectively the mathematical problems appearing in this field. The geometric control theory seems a perfectly suited tool for studying the above outlined issues of quantum engineering. Its connections to geometric and Hamiltonian mechanics giving rise to various problems of integrability and nonintegrabilty, can shed a new light on possibilities of effective construction of useful quantum states.

Main topics will focus on:

  • Geometry of Quantum States
  • Control of Quantum Systems
  • Geometric Optimal Control
  • Non-holonomic Systems and Non-integrable Constraints.

Final Programme Word (249 KB) PDF (175 KB) Last Updated 18-October-2007
List of Invited Speakers & Accepted Participants

Invited Presentations (restricted access)

Abstracts, Posters & Short Oral Contributions

Selected short talks are listed in the Final Programme. All abstracts are accepted as posters. Participants who applied for a short talk and were not selected are encouraged to present a poster.

Posters can be fixed with magnets and pins onto poster panels. Poster size should be no more than 100 cm high x 70 cm wide. Use letters and drawings that can be read from approximately 100 cm distance.

Group Transportation & Practical Information Guide

Detailed information on all practical aspects of the conference (access to site, registration & fee payments, accommodation, travel reimbursements...) is available from the Practical Information Guide. Please read it fully and carefully...

Practical Information Guide PDF (308 KB) Last Updated 29-August-2007

Two buses will be arranged on arrival day from Poznań airport via Poznań railway station to Będlewo. The journey from the airport takes approximately one hour.

Bus departure times - Wednesday 10 October:
- from Poznań airport: 16.00 18.20
- from Poznań railway station: 16.3018.50
The coaches will have a sign in the window indicating “ESF Research Conferences” for easy recognition.
Group transportation back to Poznań will be arranged in a similar way for the departure day, Tuesday 16 October. Buses will be leaving after breakfast.

Please note that SINGLE accommodation can only be guaranteed to invited SPEAKERS. All other participants will have to share a TWIN room. In case single rooms would become available, rooms will be attributed on a “first come, first served” basis. Only the TWIN conference fee should be paid to the ESF when registering. The supplement for single should be paid directly to the venue . Should you wish to be put on waiting list for single accommodation, please contact Ms. Jean Kelly.

Conference Fees


What the fees cover

EUR 560

conference, meals and twin OR double room

EUR 490

non-resident: conference, meals (no room)

EUR 106single room supplement (subject to room availability)

Registration Form

All participants - including speakers & session chairs - are kindly expected to confirm their attendance (and, when applicable, to pay the conference fee) by filling in a Registration Form.
Closing date for registration & fee payment: 17 September 2007 

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Phone: +32 (0)2 533 2025
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This conference is organised by the European Science Foundation (ESF) in partnership with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MSHE)