ESF LEE (formerly LESC) Exploratory Workshops in 2001

LEE (formerly LESC) funded 9 Exploratory Workshops in 2001.

Scientific reports, provided by the Convenors, are available for each event (see below).

List of Workshops in 2001

  1. The Polar Regions and Global Biodiversity Change
    Date and location: 21-22 May 2001, Cambridge, United Kingdom
    Convened by: J. Alistair Crame (UK)
    Scientific Report (PDF 478 KB)

  2. Neotectonics and mantle dynamics in Europe (PLATEC)
    Date and location: 28 June - 1 July 2001, Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany
    Convened by: Edi Kissling (CH), Alfred Hirn (FR) and M.J.Rinus Wortel (NL)
    Scientific Report (PDF 103 KB)

  3. The prediction of the environmental function of the dissolved organic matter in ecosystesms
    Date and location: 2-6 July 2001, Beilngries, Germany
    Convened by:  Adam Zsolany (DE)
    Scientific Report (PDF 148 KB)

  4. Natural hydrocarbon seeps, global tectonics and greenhouse gas emissions
    Date and location: 27-28 August 2001, Delft, Netherlands
    Convened by: Freek van der Meer (NL) and Klaas Scholte (NL)
    Scientific Report (PDF 87 KB)

  5. The ocean carbon cycle and climate change
    Date and location: 1-4 September 2001, Delmenhorst, Germany
    Convened by:  Jelle Bijma (DE) and Gerold M. Ganssen (NL)
    Scientific Report (PDF 146 KB)

  6. Long-term experimental evolution with microbes
    Date and location: 13-16 September 2001, Aussois, France
    Convened by: Michel Blot (FR) and Paul Rainey (UK)
    Scientific Report (PDF 133 KB)

  7. Patterns and process in Balkan biodiversity
    Date and location: 26-28 September 2001, Koper, Slovenia
    Convened by: Huw I. Griffiths (UK) and Boris Krystufek (SI)
    Scientific Report (PDF 207 KB)

  8. Understanding chromosome behaviour:prospects for constructing chromosome-based vectors for gene therapy
    Date and location: 27-30 September 2001, Elmau/Oberbayern, Germany
    Convened by: Dean Jackson (UK) and Hans Lipps (DE)
    Scientific Report (PDF 0.9 MB)  Article published in Genome Biology (PDF 51 KB)

  9. PARTNER - a European PARThenogenesis NEtwoRk
    Date and location: 5-8 October 2001, Wageningen, Netherlands
    Convened by: Peter van Dijk (NL) and Koen Martens (BE)
    Scientific Report (PDF 132 KB)

Postponed to 2002:

  • Trophic interactions in a changing world
    Date and location: 3-7 April 2002, Netherlands
    Convened by: Wim H. van der Putten
    Scientific Report (PDF 155 KB)

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