ESF LEE (formerly LESC) Exploratory Workshops in 2002

LEE (formerly LESC) funded 10 Exploratory Workshops in 2002

Final scientific reports for each event are available as PDF files.

List of Workshops in 2002

  1. Trophic Interactions in a Changing World (award postponed from 2001)
    Dates and Location: 3-7 April 2002, Texel, Netherlands
    Convened by: Wim H. VAN DER PUTTEN (NL)
    Scientific Report (PDF 155 KB)

  2. Myelin Structure and its Role in Autoimmunity
    Dates and Location: 5-8 June 2002, Potenza, Italy
    Convened by: Paolo RICCIO (IT) and George HARAUZ (CA)
    Scientific Report (PDF 250 KB)

  3. CO2 and Water
    Dates and Location: 17-20 August 2002, Basel, Switzerland
    Convened by: Christian KÖRNER (CH)
    Scientific Report (PDF 210 KB)

  4. Adaptation and constraints in avian reproduction:
    integrating ecology and endocrinology
    Dates and Location: 5-7 September 2002, Wageningen, Netherlands
    Convened by: Marcel E. VISSER (NL) and Marcel M. LAMBRECHTS (FR)
    Scientific Report (PDF 167 KB)

  5. The Thermal Structure of the Ocean Crust and the Dynamics of Hydrothermal Circulation
    Dates and Location: 9-13 September 2002, University of Pavia, Italy
    Convened by: Christopher R. GERMAN (UK), Mathilde CANNAT (FR) and Riccardo TRIBUZIO (IT)
    Scientific Report (PDF 202 KB)

  6. Does adaptability to environmental stress favour adaptation to new niches,
    including the clinical environment ?
    Co-sponsored by MED (formerly EMRC)
    Dates and Location:
    22-25 September 2002, Aussois, France
    Convened by: Jacques BALANDREAU (FR) and Benoit COURNOYER (FR)
    Scientific Report (PDF 304 KB)

  7. Bridging the Gap between Model Systems and Real Systems in Molecular Science
    Co-sponsored by PEN (formerly PESC)
    Dates and Location:
    26-28 September 2002, Les Houches/Chamonix, France
    Convened by: Mark JOHNSON (FR), Hans-Peter TROMMSDORFF (FR) and Gordon KEARLEY (NL)
    Scientific Report (PDF 325 KB)     Abstracts (PDF 7.9 MB)

  8. Atmospheric Pollution Effects on Local, Regional and Global Scales - an Integrated Approach
    Dates and Location: 26-28 September 2002, Oslo, Norway
    Convened by: Hans Martin SEIP (NO)
    Scientific Report (PDF 581 KB)

  9. Applied and Environmental Protistology
    Dates and Location: 10-12 October 2002, Lausanne, Switzerland
    Convened by: Hauke HARMS (CH)
    Scientific Report (PDF 191 KB)

  10. Planning for a Study of Arctic-Subarctic Ocean Fluxes
    Dates and Location: 18-19 October 2002, Hamburg, Germany
    Convened by: Robert DICKSON (UK) and Jens MEINCKE (DE)
    Scientific Report (PDF 233 KB)

Postponed to 2003:

  • High-Resolution Climate Modelling for Process Understanding and Impacts Studies
    Dates and Location: 29 September - 3 October 2003, Wengen, Switzerland
    Convened by: Martin BENISTON (CH)

ESF Contacts for Exploratory Workshops in the Life and Environmental Sciences

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