European Alliance on Research Careers Development

Publications as an outcome of the Forum

This Forum, in line with Action 2 of the EUROHORCs and ESF Vision on a Globally Competitive ERA and their Road Map for Actions, addressed the promotion of European Research Careers and Mobility. It was initiated in January 2011 and ended in 2013.

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Umbrella Report

Developing Research Careers In and Beyond Europe: Enabling – Observing – Guiding and Going Global

The EARCD aims to adopt a common strategy to ensure the attractiveness of research careers and thereby to create and improve European-level and coordinated national policies and programmes for different career stages and career paths.

Science Policy Briefing

ESF Science Policy Briefing 49

New Concepts of Researcher Mobility - a comprehensive approach including combined/part-time positions

Research quality is associated with international research collaboration, ‘critical mass’, frontline infrastructure and competition for funding. This paper presents a comprehensive concept of researcher mobility including combined/part-time positions that may meet researchers’ individual needs, foster scientific excellence, facilitate knowledge transfer across disciplines, sectors and countries and even counteract brain drain from less scientifically attractive areas. We also suggest novel approaches to acknowledging these new concepts of researcher mobility in peer review, staff appraisal or other forms of researcher assessment.

Working groups reports

How to Track Researchers’Careers

A pan-European professional development framework for researchers