ESF Member Organisation Forum on Science in Society Relationships

Publication of the final report


Science in Society (SiS) Relationships is a strategic question in science policy as expressed in the ESF-EUROHORCs Road Map (Action 1).

CNRS and the ESF Office organised a road mapping event in July 2009, where the representatives of 29 ESF Member Organisations (MOs) as well as further stakeholders and experts of science-society relationships discussed the specific steps ESF should take to help the scientific community improve its relations with the different publics in society, outlining this MO Forum.  

The forum has now reached its objectives and published the final report Science in Society: a Challenging Frontier for Science Policy with its recommendations.

The report aims to highlight the role of science in society, to raise awareness of how scientific knowledge is translated into society, and to encourage better practice in the relationship between science and society.
In order to achieve a better society and increase the quality of research and innovation the ESF MO Forum makes a series of recommendations as follows:

  • Quality in SiS activities is needed.
  • Clear commitment to SiS in MO science policy and strategy has to be enhanced.
  • Transparent SiS processes must be put in place within the organisational structures of MOs and other research funding and performing bodies. SiS processes must also be seen as an essential and central part of a researcher’s work. A cultural change must be encouraged through staff policies, organisational strategies and education of researchers.
  • Researchers and research groups must be properly rewarded for their work in this area.
  • More experiments concerning instruments, activities and methods should be encouraged. Sharing experience and best practice through networks for exchange within Europe on a regular basis would increase efficiency in SiS.
  • Networks to jointly develop systems for indicators, evaluations and measurements are needed. There is a need to coordinate efforts for greater impact. Organisations need the instruments to do this and this involves ensuring that SiS activities are formally evaluated, which is not the case today.

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