ESF Member Organisation Forum on Evaluation: Indicators of Internationalisation



During the ESF Member Organisation Forum on Evaluation of Funding Schemes and Research Programmes, whose purpose was to identify the main topics within the realm of ex-post evaluation, the topic of indicators was noted as an important one.  To this end, the ESF MO Forum on Evaluation: Indicators of Internationalisation was formed. At the same time, the EUROHORCs and ESF Vision on a Globally Competitive ERA and their Road Map for Actions acknowledges that the work of the Forum can help to implement activities within Action 6 of the Road Map (Develop common approaches to ex-post evaluation of funding schemes and research programmes). 


This MO Forum is undertaking a pilot study aiming to design and to produce a set of indicators that could account for the internationalisation of European research activities and programmes. These indicators should be useful for Member Organisations (MOs) themselves and in their relationships with the European Commission as well as their governments (for benchmarking and policy evaluation).


  • To provide a conceptual framework

  • To involve MOs in a collaborative project: develop indicators for their own needs, at the organisational scale

  • To develop a set of indicators adapted

    • to the different types of MOs,

    • to their different missions,

    • to the different domains

  • To keep connected with the European Commission, taking into account its work and expectations on indicators and internationalisation (since the topic is strongly related to ERA objectives)

  • To keep this as the background for common actions within the ERA

Strategic Alignment


  • STEP A: A review of current policies and practices in the MOs with respect to internationalisation in view of the ERA ambitions. 

  • STEP B: A review (‘best practices’) on indicators. 

  • STEP C:  Selection of a set of possible indicators and operational recommendations to develop and maintain them. 

  • STEP D:  Test phase. One or more indicators will be tested in a number of selected Member Organisations and at the European level.   

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