International Workshop 6 December 2011

The ESF Member Organisation Forum on Peer Review organised an international workshop entitled “Peer Review: future challenges for research funding and performing organisations in selecting research excellence”which was organised in Brussels on 6 December 2011.
Its main objective was to discuss key issues and challenges in Peer Review common to research funding and performing organisations in the global landscape. The conference also provided an opportunity to present and discuss the European Peer Review Guide (

It focused on the following 4 topics addressed by international speakers as listed below:

  1. Peer Review of Pluridisciplinary Research
  2. Use of Bibliometrics in Peer Review
  3. Quality assurance in Peer Review
  4. Defining and Measuring Broader Impact

For more details please download the agenda and the list of participants

Presentation of the ESF Member Organisation Forum and the European Peer Review Guide pillars of good practice by Laura Marin

Broader Impact

Presentation by Moderator: Alan Cross, European Commission

Broader impact and the upcoming HORIZON2020 programme by Alan Cross, European Commission

Broader impacts and the accountability of science by Robert Frodeman, University of Northern Texas, USA

Evaluating the broader impact in EU framework programmes: experiences from FP6 and FP7 by Manfred Horvat, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Wrap-up by Rapporteur Jimmy-Bruun Felthaus, European Commission

Quality assurance

Introduction by Moderator Jonas Björck

Challenges to quality assurance: the problem of bias by David Shatz, Yeshiva University, USA

Gender observations of the evaluation process - what gender patterns can be found and how can they be fed to the organisation by Johanna Andersson, Chalmers University, Sweden

Quality assurance in peer review by Anne-Marie Coriat, Medical Research Council, United Kingdom

Conclusion by Rapporteur Risto Vilkko

Use of Bibliometrics

Introduction by Moderator Valerio Vercesi

Use of bibliometrics in peer review by Gunnar Sivertsen, Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education, Norway

Research policy and funding mechanism in Korea: focusing on bibliometrics and peer review by Jung Cheol Shin, Seoul national University, South Korea

Bibliometrics in China by Ping Zhou, Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China, China

It's not how you measure - it's what you measure by Fiona Wood, University of New England, Australia

Conclusion by Rapporteur Thomas Zimmermann


Introduction by Moderator Catherine Kistner

Peer review and interdisciplinarity research at the ERC by Monique Smaihi, European Research Council Executive Agency

Research Funding and peer review system in JSPS  by Yozo Fujino, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Tokyo, Japan

Approaches and Challenges for the multidisciplinary evaluation by Paul Sérgio Lacerda Beirão, Director of Ciências Agrárias, Biológicas e da Saúde, Brazil

Wrap-up by Rapporteur Stephen Simpson