Annual Assembly 2009

Annual Assembly of the ESF MO Forum, Brussels, 28-29 September 2009

The Annual Assembly of the ESF Member Organisation Forum on Research Careers took place on 28 - 29 September 2009 in Brussels.

Presentations and Additional Materials


Welcome and IntroductionBeate Scholz, Consulting Training Coaching, Germany 

The ESF’s MO Forum Instrument - current state and future plans, Laura Marin, European Science Foundation

Fostering Research Careers in Europe – presentation of selected examples


“The German Excellence Initiative"
Annette Schmidtmann, German Research Foundation (DFG), Germany


“Reform of the Swedish Research Careers System”
Carl Jacobsson, Swedish Research Council, Sweden


The UK Concordat for Researchers”
Iain Cameron, Research Councils UK, United Kingdom

Plenary Session:
Research Careers in Europe – Landscape & Horizons


Human Resources Development, Iain Cameron, Research Councils UK, United Kingdom

Gender Issues, Susanne Matuschek, Swiss National Science Foundation, Switzerland

Research Career Structure/Development, Eero Vuorio, University of Turku, Finland

Cross-cutting recommendations and suggested ways forward, Beate Scholz, Consulting Training Coaching, Germany 

Feedback Session:
Selected Stakeholders’ Comments on the different sections of the report

Katrien Maes
Karoline Hollaender
Padraig O'Murchu, Intel Ireland

Break-out Session:
Topically oriented formation of working groups


Report back from working groups
Rapporteurs’ reports

Panel discussion: Involving selected stakeholders
Moderator: Mr. Neil Williams, European Science Foundation

European Science Foundation
Marc Heppener
Nüket Yetis
European University Association (EUA)
John Smith
European Commission
Massimo Serpieri
Svetlana Berdyugina

Concluding remarks