4th Workshop of the ESF MO Forum on Research Integrity

4th Workshop (Working Group Meeting). Rome, 11 November 2010

A Working Group Meeting of the ESF Member Organisation Forum on Research Integrity took place in Rome on 11 November 2010. This meeting was kindly hosted by the Institute for International Legal Studies (ISGI) of the National Research Council (CNR) and by the CNR Commission on Research Ethics and Bioethics.

The objectives of the meeting were:

  • to debrief on the outcomes of the 2nd World Conference
  • to agree and draft an Action Plan on how to disseminate the outcomes of the Forum seeking its acceptance and endorsement

Presentations and Additional Materials

11 November 2010   

Open and Welcome, Cinzia Caporale, National Research Council (CNR), Italy 
Roundtable presentation of participants
PDFSetting the scene of the workshop and Report introduction, Laura Marin, ESF



Report back from Singapore World Conference agreements and key developments:

  • on formal report by Tony Mayer, co-organiser
  • on codes by Pieter Drenth, ALLEA
  • on fostering best practices and international collaboration by Emilio Bossi, Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences, Switzerland 
  • on authorship / editorship by Glyn Davis, ESRC, United Kingdom
Discussion: Evaluate the situation after Singapore World Conference 
PDFALLEA approach, next steps, Pieter Drenth, ALLEA
ENRIO approach, next steps, Dirk de Hen, KNAW, the Netherlands
PDF & PDFEvidence on research misconduct, Daniele Fanelli, Institute for the Study of Science, The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom


MO Forum Report Dissemination Activities:

  • The Case of Ireland, Maura Hiney, HRB, Ireland 
  • The Case of Luxembourg, Asael Rouby, FNR, Luxembourg
  • The Case of Slovakia, Sonia Ftácniková, APVV, Slovakia 
  • The CNR "Research Ethics and Bioethics Advisory Commission" working agenda, Cinzia Caporale, CNR, Italy 

Action Plan for the implementation of the Forum's recommendations and Code

  • Roundtable discussion by break-out groups 
  • Report back from rapporteurs from break-out groups 
  • Consolidation of the implementation plan
Definition of next steps (debate)
Closing remarks – end of meeting