2nd Workshop of the ESF MO Forum (Working Groups Meeting), Strasbourg, 27 October 2009

A Working Group meeting of the ESF Member Organisation Forum on Research Integrity was held in Strasbourg on 27 October 2009. It was hosted by the European Science Foundation.

The objectives of the meeting were:

  • to progress Report on each Working Group Action Plan

  • to agree on common approaches and provide feedback to the other Working Groups on the progress of the actions

  • to work towards a coherence integration of the actions into a overall Report

  • to discuss an Action Plan on how to disseminate the outcomes of the Forum seeking its acceptance and endorsement

Presentations and Additional Materials





Work by working Groups


Report by WG 2: Pieter Drenth, ALLEA


Report by WG 3: Maura Hiney, Health Research Board, Ireland


Report by WG 1: Sonia Ftácniková, Slovak Research and Development Agency, Slovak Republic  


Report by WG 4: Livia Puljak, The National Foundation for Science, Higher Education and Technical Development of the Republic of Croatia, Croatia


Working towards an integrated report


Plan of Action: the acceptance strategy.
The Dissemination of the Forum outcomes: How to? To whom? Through which process?

Corporate Science Policy Initiatives