Materials Science and Engineering Expert Committee (MatSEEC)

Following thorough discussions with major stakeholders about the needs and future opportunities for Materials Science and Engineering research in Europe, the European Science Foundation (ESF) has announced in July 2009 the establishment of a new ESF Temporary Expert Committee in Materials Science and Engineering  (to be known as MatSEEC) to provide the focus for discussion and the coordination of effort.

Aim and mission

MatSEEC is an ESF Temporary Expert Committee in the remit of and associated with the ESF Standing Committee for Physical and Engineering Sciences (PEN (formerly PESC)) with a task related term of 5 years starting on the date of its inauguration meeting.

The mission shall include delivering foresight reports and scientific advice to PEN (formerly PESC) and ESF on issues related to Materials Science and Engineering and matters of concern to the related scientific communities, as well as to European National Agencies and Ministries, institutions of the European Commission, and the European Strategic Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) upon request.

The mission will also include tasks related to peer-review and assessment of scientific research proposals. Further the Committee shall provide foresight surveys and scientific advice to ESF member organisations and European organisations. The Committee may conduct surveys and prepare strategic policy documents.

Thus, the mission and tasks of MatSEEC are:

  • to produce a scientific forecast report within three years of operation on the future research challenges to Materials Science and Engineering and related research activities, describing the next generation demands to materials sciences and engineering and fields of application as well as the arising educational standards in academic training.

  • to make strategic and science policy recommendations to PEN (formerly PESC), ESF Member Organisations and to external European bodies - in particular, to map and identify strengths and weaknesses of National policies on Materials Science Programmes in Europe, to assess the relevance of new research infrastructures for Materials Science and Materials Engineering, to recommend scientific best practices for relevant European Institutions (e.g.: the European Institute of Innovation and Technology).

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MatSEEC Workshop 2014

The workshop will be held in conjunction with the MatSEEC Plenary Meeting.

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MatSEEC meetings

Next meeting:
11th MatSEEC Committee Meeting
23-24 October 2014, Lisbon


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