Working Groups

Ad hoc Working Groups have been set up within the Committee in July 2010, to respond to a request for providing input to the European Commission’s High Level Group (HLG) on Key Enabling Technologies (KET), jointly with the European Materials Research Society. It is expected that the KETs will form a major part of FP8 with the HLG making its mid-term (final) report in January (July) 2011. MatSEEC has prepared contributions with input and recommendations in the areas of Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials, Micro and Nanoelectronics and Biotechnology that will be finalized and submitted to the High-Level Group at the beginning of November.

The following 7 Working Groups have been established:


Working Group
WG 1Education and Training
WG 2

Materials and Challenges

WG 3

Tools, Facilities and Infrastructures

WG 4Computational Techniques, Methods and Materials Design
WG 5Technology and Knowledge Transfer

WG 6


WG 7

Public Outreach and Visibility