ESF - Space Sciences Group

The Space Sciences Group is the scientific and administrative contact point within ESF and its interface to MO liaisons on all space sciences related matters. It manages and provides the Secretariat for the ESF’s European Space Sciences Committee (ESSC) and supervises all space-related activities using ESF instruments or external contracts (ESA, EC, etc). At the interface between ESF and the space scientific communities, the group encourages space researchers to make good use of ESF resources as part of their work in space science research. One of its key roles is to deliver advice and counsel on how best to coordinate space-related activities, at national and pan-European level. It is part of the broader SSO (Science Support Office), headed by Dr. Jean-Claude Worms.

The group's structure enables it to integrate all the different disciplines of space research (research on, in and from space), and create a dynamic environment for focused debate and discussion. It also interfaces with space-related organisations and communities on issues that are not regularly managed through research councils, thus providing a unified approach to multi-disciplinary research into space – a unique aspect of this group, and also unique in Europe.

The 2003 review of ESSC had led the Committee to try and strengthen its relationships with its Funding Institutions (EFOs). An annual meeting has been set up to exchange on issues of common interest and a restricted section of the web site is maintained for these exchanges.

Several EC FP7 and H2020 contracts are managed by the ESF Space Sciences Group currently: AstRoMap, MEGAHIT, MASE and DEMOCRITOS.

The group has also supervised several ESA contracts (peer-review of ELIPS proposals; planetary protection; evaluation of ELIPS4), two EC FP7 contracts (CAREX, THESEUS), and one ESF-ESA Forward Look (TECHBREAK).

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