25. May 2012

Heightening research at the European level can boost other sectors.

In this interview with ResearchMedia, Dr Stephane Berghmans, ESF's Head of the Biomedical Sciences Unit, remarks on how this important mission can boost other sectors by generating social benefits which in turn translate to economic growth. [more]

14. May 2012

Call for Papers - International PhD Mentoring-Workshop on ‘Children’s Well-Being'

The International Society for Child Indicators Research (ISCI) in collaboration with the European Science Foundation (ESF) is organizing an international mentoring workshop for PhD students. [more]

30. January 2012

Improving Medical Treatment Requires a Risk-based Approach to the Regulation of Clinical Trials

Current EU legislation represents a major hurdle to improving medical treatment due to the straight-jacket of EU legislation that the 2001 Clinical Trials Directive imposes, a group of leading European medical scientists charged today in a position paper1 issued in Brussels and Strasbourg. [more]

17. January 2012

Professor Liselotte Højgaard, Chair of the European Medical Research Councils (MED (formerly EMRC)) named Denmark’s #1 "most academically prestigious" by "Dagens Medicin", a top Danish independent health newspaper.

“In recent years, Liselotte Højgaard has been chair of the European Medical Research Councils (MED (formerly EMRC)).  This is a platform that she has used really well.  With ease she sits in the vast bureaucracy of MED (formerly EMRC) steering the great nations such as Germany and France.” Original article... [more]

24. November 2011

The European Science Foundation’s MED (formerly EMRC) calls for the common use of the Health Research Classification System across Europe

The European Science Foundation’s (ESF) membership organisation for all medical research councils in Europe, the MED (formerly EMRC) (, has today released an ESF-MED (formerly EMRC) Science Policy Briefing (SPB) highlighting the need to utilise the Health and Research Classification System (HRCS) as the... [more]

17. October 2011

Nature Immunology publishes ESF recommendations for research into link between genes and environment in chronic inflammatory diseases

The dramatic and continuing proliferation of chronic inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and allergy among industrialized countries is now accepted as being caused by a combination of environmental and individual genetic risk factors. [more]

4. October 2011

Strasbourg - CNRS senior researcher Jules Hoffmann awarded 2011 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine

The 2011 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine has been awarded to Jules Hoffmann, a French citizen native of Luxembourg, CNRS senior researcher emeritus and professor at the university of Strasbourg, jointly with Bruce A. Beutler for their discoveries concerning the activation of innate immunity.  [more]

28. September 2011

Europe ‘punches above its weight’ in biomedical research, despite limited funding

The European Science Foundation’s MED (formerly EMRC) publishes new White Paper assessing the current status of biomedical research in Europe in a global context. [more]

28. September 2011

FENS and ESF - new partners in a series of high visibility neuroscience conferences

FENS (Federation of European Neuroscience Societies) and ESF are new partners in a series of high visibility neuroscience conferences. Find out more in the following article, written by Lars Kristiansen, ESF Science Officer in our Biomedical sciences Unit (MED (formerly EMRC)) and published in the current FENS... [more]

29. November 2010

Male reproductive problems may add to falling fertility rates

European Science Foundation publishes new report on male reproductive health [more]