Within its scope of activities, the former European Medical Research Councils (EMRC) and now the Scientific Review Group for the Biomedical Sciences (SRG-MED) have placed emphasis on innovative medical research with the objective to improve human health including a better understanding of the causes and essential pathways responsible for the manifestation of complex diseases


A summary of 2013 SRG-MED activities and success stories is available here.

See also ESF SRG-MED/Science Europe Medical Sciences Scientific Committee's joint statement on medical research funding in Europe that was sent to the 750 MEPs on 12 March 2013 here.

This joint statement followed up on the previous EMRC statement that was published in Science Business in November 2012: “EMRC statement on medical research in the EU: why we need a new strategy for health research in Europe.  Quousque tandem…”  


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