EUROCORES Programmes in Medical Sciences

Current programmes

TitleDurationLeading Unit
Functional Genomic Variation in the Epilepsies (EuroEPINOMICS)       


Biomedical Sciences (MED (formerly EMRC))

EuroEPINOMICS aims to identify new therapies by providing high-resolution maps of genetic risk factors for common epilepsy syndromes, dissecting genetic determinants of the response to antiepileptic drugs, and elucidating the mechanisms of epileptic episodes.

Completed Programmes

TitleDurationLeading Unit
Pan-European Clinical Trials (ECT)
Biomedical Sciences (MED (formerly EMRC))
Stress and Mental Health (EuroSTRESS)
Biomedical Sciences (MED (formerly EMRC))
Science of Protein Production for Functional and Structural Analysis (EuroSCOPE)
Life, Earth & Environmental Sciences (LEE (formerly LESC))
Development of a Stem Cell Tool Box (EuroSTELLS)
Biomedical Sciences (MED (formerly EMRC))

ECT is a unique EUROCORES Programme that aims at coordinating funding for two pan-European investigator-driven clinical trials on rare diseases and pediatrics: EURAMOS (European and American Osteosarcoma Study Group) and PROFIDYS. This was done in parallel and somewhat slowed down by the EU Clinical Trials Directive 2001/20/EC. ECT is linked to a Forward Look on Investigator-Driven Clinical Trials.

EuroSTRESS is a pan-European multidisciplinary effort targeting the issue of the important societal and economic burden that depressive disorders will represent by the year 2020, ranking just behind cardiovascular diseases.  

EuroSCOPE enhances research into overproduction of complex proteins to enable characterisation of structure and function of the building blocks of living organisms.

EuroSTELLS is the best example of interconnection and interdependency between the various ESF instruments (EUROCORES, Research Networking Programmes, Science Policy Briefings). It also shows the international impact ESF activities can have in medical and scientific fields.

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