Science of Protein Production for Functional and Structural Analysis (EuroSCOPE)

EuroSCOPE was one of the early EUROCORES Programmes that were launched. The theme was proposed as a follow-up of the study report on “Protein Structure and Function in the Post Genomic Era” that resulted in the decision by the ESF Board and Governing Council to focus on the scientific problems linked to protein production and to explore the possibility of proposing a EUROCORES Programme in this field.

This Programme’s ambition was to tackle the major stumbling blocks in the production of proteins for functional and structural analysis. The focus was put on the basic understanding of the mechanisms underlying protein production, targeting, folding and stability, which may eventually result in the improvement of existing and the design of new expression systems. The work should lead to a firm foundation for the rational engineering of strains for the production of complex proteins such as multi-domain eukaryotic proteins, integral membrane proteins and multi-enzyme complexes.