Bio-inspired Engineering of Sensors, Actuators & Systems (EuroBioSAS)

Background and Objectives

Nature’s richness and variety, evolved through millions of years of natural selection, holds the key to a treasure trove of innovative design principles. Biological systems occupy a domain of parameter space which manmade systems have only just begun to touch upon. Entering this domain will transform the face of modern engineering. Whereas today's technological devices are synthesized from discrete and often pre-existing components, Nature produces fully integrated biological systems whose function drives the evolution of form at all levels simultaneously. The resulting integration of biological systems over many hierarchical levels is the key to understanding their exquisite performance, and is also the key to emulating their functionality in an engineered system. Bio-inspired Engineering therefore necessitates nothing less than a radical rethinking of the underlying principles of synthetic design, which can be achieved only by elucidating the most fundamental principles by which biological systems are structured. EuroBioSAS aims to uncover those fundamental organizational principles which underpin the performance of biological sensors, actuators and systems, and will use them as the inspiration for developing new technologies that push beyond the frontiers of today’s engineered systems in their capability and performance.

EuroBioSAS Collaborative Research Projects


Hierarchical Heterogeneous Swarm
NANOIOBIPInsect Odorant-Binding Proteins on Conductive Polymer Nanofibers Based Biosensor to Diagnose Crop Disease

Intelligent Cell Surfaces


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