EuroBioSAS Call for Proposals

Bio-inspired Engineering of Sensors, Actuators & Systems (EuroBioSAS)

Following agreement with funding organisations in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland and Turkey, the European Science Foundation launched a Call for Outline Proposals for Collaborative Research Projects (CRPs) to be undertaken within the EUROCORES Programme EuroBioSAS. EuroBioSAS will run for 3-4 years and it includes national research funding, as well as support for networking and dissemination activities provided by the ESF.The Programme aims to support high quality multidisciplinary research.

Download the call for outline proposals here

Please note that Slovenia has joined the EuroBioSAS programme and an amendment has been made to the call on 16 February 2010.

Outline Proposals were to be submitted by 29 March 2010 (noon CET)

It is expected that Full Proposals will be invited by 6th May 2010 with 22 June 2010 as expected deadline for submission.


Proposals from individual researchers and research groups eligible for funding by the participating Funding Agencies will be accepted for consideration in the EUROCORES Programme EuroBioSAS.

Applicants should contact their national Funding Agencies (see list of contact persons) in order to verify eligibility and ensure compliance with the relevant agency's granting rules and regulations.

For supplimentary information on Funding Agency special national requirements, please click here.

For an overview of the level of funding available click here.

Proposals are only eligible if they fulfil the following criteria:

  • proposals must involve, 3 eligible Principal Investigators (PIs) from 3 different countries.
  • maximum of 50% of the Individual Projects (IPs) in a Collaborative Research project (CRP) can come from one country
  • proposals must involve more PIs than Associated Partners (APs)

Application Procedure - Outline Proposals

Click here to enter the online application form which requests the following information:

  • Outline proposal details (title, start date, duration, total budget etc.)

  • Personal data of the Project Leader

  • Personal data of the Principal Investigators and Associated Partners

  • Uploaded file with CRP details (downloaded proposal template)

For information, the application template can be found here


You may find helpful the EUROCORES Glossary and Frequently Asked Questions.
The submission deadline is 29 March 2010 (noon CET).


Application Procedure - Full Proposals

Successful applicants have been invited to submit Full Proposals.

Full Proposal Application Guidelines can be downloaded here.

As part of the  proposal, applicants will be asked to provide the overall budget of the Collaborative Research Project (CRP) (Template A), a specification of the budget per Individual Project (IP) (Template B), and the sum of the requested IP budgets per year (Template C).

**Deadline for submitting Full Proposals is Tuesday 22nd June 2010.**

Programme Structure and Management

The overall responsibility for the governance of the programme lies with a Management Committee, whose membership is formed by one representative from each participating funding organisation (usually a senior science manager) together with an ESF representative.

Proposal assessment and selection are the responsibility of an independent international Review Panel consisting of leading experts in the field. 

The Scientific Committee which is formed by the Project Leaders of all funded CRPs will be responsible for proposing a Programme work-plan including networking activities for scientific synergy in the EUROCORES Programme. They will also advise and support the EUROCORES Programme Coordinator in the coordination of networking activities.