European Comparisons in Regional Cohesion, Dynamics and Expressions (EuroCORECODE)

Understanding regional dynamics in Europe calls for a comparative and inter-disciplinary approach to historical developments (from their very origins throughout historical times) and to the constituent elements of regional cohesion (dialect and language, religion, historical geography, ethnogenesis, invented tradition, material culture etc.) Starting from a historical basis, the EUROCORES programme “EuroCORECODE: European Comparisons in Regional Cohesion, Dynamics and Expressions” offers a challenge to a wide range of disciplines in the humanities to start exploring the functional dynamics of different aspects of regional development and its modern perspectives.

EUROCORES (European Collaborative Research)

The aim of the European Collaborative Research (EUROCORES) Scheme is to enable researchers in different European countries to develop collaboration and scientific synergy in areas where European scale and scope are required to reach the critical mass necessary for top class science in a global context.  

The scheme provides a flexible framework which allows national basic research funding and performing organisations to join forces to support excellent European research in and across all scientific areas.

Until the end of 2008, scientific coordination and networking was funded through the EC FP6 Programme, under contract no. ERAS-CT-2003-980409. As of 2009, the National Funding Organisations provide the funding for the scientific coordination and networking in addition to the research funding.