Quality Control of Gene Expression - RNA Surveillance (RNAQuality)

Final Brochure

RNAQuality final brochure

The RNAQuality EUROCORES programme being now completed, a final brochure including highlights and achievements has been edited and is downloadable here.

Scientific Goal


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RNA quality control has only recently emerged as a new field of RNA research and is now one of the most exciting areas of molecular biology. ESF will promote research on this cutting-edge topic through the EUROCORES Programme RNAQuality. Sixteen research groups from nine European countries participate in RNAQuality. Their projects aim at uncovering processes that act as quality control checkpoints in gene expression and understand how these function at a molecular level. Multidisciplinary approaches, ranging from molecular and cellular biology to structural analysis and high-throughput and computational approaches will be employed in diverse model systems.

In addition to its research component, the Programme offers a wide range of networking opportunities, providing training possibilities and establishing a platform for European researchers to join forces and to stimulate new research initiatives in this exciting field.

Three Collaborative Research Projects are funded through RNAQuality. 

Funded Projects

Torben H. Jensen
  •  Nuclear RNA surveillance of genome expression: From yeast to mammals (NuRNASu)

    Eukaryotic RNAs are produced and matured in the cell nucleus. Major events in the biogenesis of most RNAs, including splicing,
    3’ end processing and RNP formation, occurs co-transcriptionally.

    Project Leader: Torben Heick Jensen 

Michael Kiebler

  • The role of translational silencing complexes and mRNA degradation factors in RNA localization in flies and mammals (RNA localization and degradation)

    Translational control of localized mRNAs is a common mechanism for regulating protein expression in specific cellular subdomains and plays an important role in axes formation, asymmetric cell division, cell motility, and neuronal synaptic plasticity.  ...... more

    Project Leader: Michael Kiebler

  • Functional and structural dissection of mechanisms targeting the exosome to cryptic and aberrant RNAs (EUxosome)

    The exosome is a large multisubunit complex endowed with exonuclease activity. This nuclease is the major 3’-5’ exonuclease of eukaryotic cells. It is constituted of a core containing 10 different proteins to which associate nuclear and cytoplasmic specific subunits....... more

    Project Leader: Bertrand Séraphin