ESF Involvement in HERA ERA-Net Activities 2004-2009

Preparation of the HERA Joint Research Programme (Work Package 9)

The ESF was the leader of the Work Package 9 aiming :

  • to prepare the launch of the first HERA Joint Research Programme for the humanities, and

  • to ensure best practice in the preparation and procedures of the Call for proposals.

The tasks involved the preparation of a survey on legal barriers to joint research programmes in the Humanities (Synthesis report, PDF, 256 KB) and designing a programme management structure and procedures for the HERA Joint Research Programme.

Organisation of the final HERA conference (Work Package 5)

ESF was a task leader under Work package 5 and responsible for organising the final, 2008 HERA conference.

The annual HERA conferences are networking platforms that serve as a general forum for academics and executives involved in or associated with the HERA network. The objectives of the annual HERA conferences were

  • To raise awareness of HERA in the humanities research community

  • To attract the attention of policy makers, universities and media

  • To collect inspiration from the research communities regarding the future of HERA

  • To discuss the priorities and strategies of HERA

  • To discuss issues of relevance to the humanities in a broad sense: 

    • the humanities’ contribution to the ERA

    • the possibilities offered by EU’s Framework Programmes for research

To access the HERA conference programme, please click here.

For information about specific conferences, please see:

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Research Infrastructures (Work Package 7)

The workpackage dedicated to research infrastructures in the Humanities had the following objectives:

  • increase the accessibility and availability of relevant data for humanities researchers

  • develop the basis for joint research infrastructures in the humanities, including the knowledge of tools and new methods. The joint data sharing for the benefit of humanities research will be developed

  • compile a categorised list of reference journals in the Humanities in order to develop bibliometric tools to be employed by research managers and researchers alike

Fore more information on ERIH (European Reference Index for the Humanities, sub-task 7.2.1) please click here.

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