19. February 2013

Research Networking Programme PALATIUM "Court Residences as Places of Exchange in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe (1400-1700)- PALATIUM" - Call for papers and Short Visit grants

PALATIUM co-organises Workshops and Colloquia 04/10/2013 → 06/10/2013 in Bamberg, Germany. Theme of this event: "The Interior as an Embodiment of Power. The Image of the Prince and its Spatial Setting, 1400-1700". [more]

19. February 2013

Research Networking Programme "Court Residences as Places of Exchange in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe (1400-1700) - PALATIUM" Call for Papers and travel grants

PALATIUM organises Workshops and Colloquia entitled "European Courts in a globalised world" on the 07 and 8/11/2013 in Lisbon, Portugal. A call for papers if now open - deadline 25 March 2013. Young scholars can apply for a travel grant - deadline 3 May 2013  [more]

6. February 2013

The European Space Sciences Committee reacts after the European Space Agency Council meeting at Ministerial level.

European Science Foundation’s ESSC comments the decisions taken (or not) at ESA’s council meeting at ministerial level. [more]

5. February 2013

Social Scientists Propose Integrated Information Systems For Smarter Health And Social Care

A new ESF position paper calls for increasing use of ICT to deliver health and social care services. [more]

23. January 2013

Social Scientists call for more effective teaching in Higher Education

A new ESF position paper identifies needs and steps to improve teaching skills in Higher Education. [more]

12. December 2012

Pan-European organisations call for an advanced understanding of the human brain

A new ESF strategic report identifies the opportunities for research on human brain in all scientific domains [more]

19. November 2012

"Inventing Europe" Virtual Exhibit

Drawing on the work of the former ESF EUROCORES programme “Inventing Europe” and the collections of five science and technology museums the prototype virtual exhibition 'Europe, Interrupted' was made public in September 2009. Since then the final version of the exhibition entitled "Inventing... [more]

16. November 2012

Pan European Networks (PEN) interviews Dr Nina Kancewicz-Hoffman on the changes Horizon 2020 is set to bring to the European social science and humanities community

In a recent interview Nina Kancewicz-Hoffman, Head of the Humanities and Social Sciences Unit of the European Science Foundation, responded to a number of questions in relation to the role of social sciences and humanities in Horizon 2020, the European Union’s next framework programme. [more]