Foresight in the Humanities

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ESF Forward Look Workshop, Brussels 29-30 January 2007

The meeting documents for  the ESF-wide Forward Look workshop are available on the following web page.

Forward Looks Workshop

Research Foresight Priority-Setting in Science by Ben. R. Martin and John Irvine (excerpts)

PDF 4.4 MB 

Barend van der Meulen: ESF Forward Look Workshop Introductory Notes

PDF 33.9 KB 

MED (formerly EMRC): Forsight to Forward Looks - Definitions


HUM (formerly SCH): Forward Looks Recommendations

PDF 22.4 KB 

HUM (formerly SCH) documentation on Forward Looks


Letter to MOs on Call for topics, July 2006

PDF 246 KB 

Letter to HUM (formerly SCH) on Call for topics, July 2006

PDF 221 KB 

FL coversheet and attachments HUM (formerly SCH) plenary meeting Strasbourg, Oct 2005

PDF 139 KB 
PDF 361 KB

FL coversheet and attachments HUM (formerly SCH) plenary meeting Jerusalem, May 2006

PDF 43 KB 
PDF 15.6 KB

FL coversheet and attachments HUM (formerly SCH) plenary meeting  Brussels, Oct 2006

PDF 294 KB
PDF 252 KB

FL on Urban Science

Urban Science

Current Forward Looks

Humanities Forward Looks Homepage

HUM (formerly SCH) FL Ranking 2006


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Presentations given at the HUM (formerly SCH) CG and Foresight WG Workshop on 15 Dec 2006


Jari Kaivo-Oja: Introduction to Foresight

PDF 1.7 MB

Jari Kaivo-Oja: Case studies

PDF 1.0 MB

Ian Miles: Positioning SSH Foresight in Society

PDF 1.2 MB

Ann Rigney: Case study on literary studies in the NL


Jari Kaivo-Oja and Ian Miles: Criteria for exellence in Foresight

PDF 200 KB

Jacques Dubucs: Notes for HUM (formerly SCH) Foresight Workshop, 14 Dec. 2006


Draft minutes HUM (formerly SCH) Foresight Workshop London 15/16 Dec 2006 - Day 1


Draft minutes HUM (formerly SCH) Foresight Workshop London 15/16 Dec 2006 - Day 2


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ESF General Assembly presentations on Forward Looks


General Assembly 2005 presentations
Ruth Duncan: ESF FL Nanomedicine: Overlook and Recommandation
Robert-Jan Smits, DG Research EC: Science and Technology Foresight
Colin Lambert: ESF FL Nano Science and the long term evolution of information Technolgies (NSIT)
Stefan Michalowski, OECD: FL for large scale international cooperation

PDF 1.6 MB 
PDF 246 KB 

PDF 758 KB

PDF 71 KB  

General Assembly 2006 presentations
François Géré: ESF FL SAFE: Security, Advancing a Framework for Enquiry
John Ingram: ESF FL European Food System in a changing World
John Brennan: ESF FL Higher Education in Europe beyound 2010
Lars Horn, RC Norway: Forward Looks
Please do not distribute, for information only

PDF 31 KB 

PDF 270 KB 

PDF 23 KB 

PDF 291 KB  


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Links provided by Jari Kaivo-Oja




Finnsight 2015

NFF - Nordic Foresight Forum

ICT Foresight and Roadmap project

Nordic H2 Energy Foresight

FOBIS - Nordic Foresight Biomedical Sensors

Technology foresight in the Nordic Countrie

SPIDER Increasing Regional Competitiveness Through Futures Research Methods

"Creating an Innovative Europe" Report chaired by Mr. Esko Aho


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Links to General Foresight




Cognitive Science (EU foresight)

Converging Technologies for a diverse Europe

COST Action A22: Advancing foresight methodologies

DG Research (Foresight)

ESRC Centre for Research on Innovation and Competition (CRIC)

European Foresight Monitoring Network

FORERA: Joint Research Centre European Foresight (IPTS)


Handbook for Knowledge Society Foresight

Institute for Prospective Technology Studies, Sevilla:

Knowledge Society Foresight / Eurofound

New Perspectives in Literary Research

Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce

UK Foresight

National Academy of Sciences (USA)



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