25. November 2010

European Science Foundation cancels research funding calls

The European Science Foundation (ESF) will not launch three funding calls pending more progress towards its merger with the European Heads of Research Councils (EUROHORCs). At the ESF annual assembly last week ESF member organisations decided to put certain activities on hold during the current... [more]

11. October 2010

Virtual research institute needed to unlock RNA’s promise, say scientists

European Science Foundation reports on the future of ribonucleic acid research [more]

18. May 2010

Leading scientists call for more effort in tackling rising ocean acidity

ESF presents ocean acidification report at EU Maritime Day 2010 [more]

21. September 2009

Leading scientists call for a new approach to food security

A new report by leading food and sustainability scientists calls for Europe to take a new approach on food security, prioritizing health and sustainability in research and using a holistic view when making policy.The European food systems in a changing world “Forward Look” report is an in-depth... [more]

19. May 2009

European biotechnologists unravel life’s big cellular factories

Biotechnologists are poised to take a leap forward in understanding the detailed structure and mechanism of life’s major cellular machines, which could lead to new therapies for a range of diseases and disorders. These machines are large assemblies of macromolecules such as proteins that process... [more]

12. February 2009

Biobanks will provide “electronic specimens” for medical research

Future medical research will focus increasingly on electronic data, with less need both for laboratory animals and tissue samples. This long term trend emerged at a recent conference on biobanking organised by the European Science Foundation (ESF), which dealt with the challenges posed by the... [more]

19. January 2009

European evolutionary biologists rally behind Richard Dawkins’ Extended Phenotype

Richard Dawkins’ Extended Phenotype (EP) concept is as relevant now as when it was first proposed 26 years ago and is not at odds with other evolutionary explanations. This was the conclusion of a recent workshop on the Extended Phenotype, organised by the European Science Foundation (ESF). The EP... [more]

5. January 2009

Key to future medical breakthroughs is systems biology, say leading European scientists

Crucial breakthroughs in the treatment of many common diseases such as diabetes and Parkinson’s could be achieved by harnessing a powerful scientific approach called systems biology, according to leading scientists from across Europe. In a Science Policy Briefing released today by the European... [more]

24. December 2008

Understanding how infectious diseases spread depends on unlocking secrets held in existing data

Often experiments are needed to make scientific progress, but sometimes the answers lie in data already collected, requiring new analysis tools to unlock the secrets. This applies to infectious disease transmission, main topic of a recent workshop organised by the European Science Foundation (ESF),... [more]

23. December 2008

Computers team up with evolution to design novel enzymes

The dream of designer drugs highly specific in action with zero side effects has come closer by combining atomic level computer prediction with natural selection in the laboratory. Following the 2008’s first design of an artificial enzyme for catalysing a chemical reaction, there is increased... [more]