10. October 2008

ESF names Professor Ceulemans as the Chair of the Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences Standing Committee

The European Science Foundation (ESF) has named Professor Reinhart Ceulemans as the new chair of the Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences Standing Committee (LEE (formerly LESC)). The announcement came after the Governing Council of the ESF voiced its endorsement for Professor Ceulemans to replace Professor... [more]

9. October 2008

Europe rallies behind nanotechnology to wean world from fossil fuels

Nanotechnologies can be used to develop sustainable energy systems while reducing the harmful effects of fossil fuels as they are gradually phased out over the next century. This optimistic scenario is coming closer to reality as new technologies such as biomimetics and Dye Sensitised solar Cells... [more]

22. September 2008

Technologies bring new era for RNA research

EUROCORES RNAQuality meeting held in Granada [more]

10. September 2008

Cryopreservation techniques bring hopes to cancer victims and endangered species

Emerging cryopreservation techniques are increasing hope of restoring fertility for women after diseases such as ovarian cancer that lead to destruction of reproductive tissue. The same techniques can also be used to maintain stocks of farm animals, and protect against extinction of endangered... [more]

3. September 2008

Nature inspires new highly specific drugs and organic products

The best place to seek novel compounds for pharmaceutical drugs, alternative energy sources, and a host of industrial applications, is within natural systems that have evolved over millions of years. Scientists now realise that the precise molecular arrangements within natural pathways in organisms... [more]

25. August 2008

Future for clean energy lies in “Big Bang” of evolution

Amid mounting agreement that future clean, “carbon-neutral”, energy will rely on efficient conversion of the sun’s light energy into fuels and electric power, attention is focusing on one of the most ancient groups of organism, the cyanobacteria. Dramatic progress has been made over the last decade... [more]

10. July 2008

RNA emerges from DNA’s shadow

EUROCORES Programme RNAQuality holds first conference [more]

30. June 2008

The Barcode of Life

EuroBioForum to showcase initiative to calibrate Europe’s biodiversity using DNA Barcodes [more]

27. June 2008

Unravelling the “Inconvenient Truth” of glacier movement

Predicting climate change depends on many factors not properly included in current forecasting models, such as how the major polar ice caps will move in the event of melting around their edges. This in turn requires greater understanding of the processes at work when ice is under stress,... [more]

17. June 2008

EuroDYNA leaves healthy genomic research ecosystem as legacy

Europe’s position as a major player in genome research has been boosted by the European Science Foundation’s three-year EUROCORES programme EuroDYNA. As it draws to a close, EuroDYNA (Dynamic Nuclear Architecture and Chromatin Function) is leaving behind a healthy European ecosystem of interacting... [more]