SOC (formerly SCSS) Strategic Workshop 'Follow-Ups across Discourse Domains: A Cross-Cultural Exploration of their Forms and Functions'

Würzburg (Germany), 31 May – 2 June 2012

Organised under the umbrella of the ESF Exploratory Workshops Scheme

Keywords: Dialogic interaction; follow-up; political discourse; media discourse; socio-pragmatics


The workshop examines the forms and functions of the dialogue act of a follow-up, viz. accepting or challenging a prior communicative act, in political discourse across spoken and written dialogic genres considering

  1. the discourse domains of political interview, editorial, op-eds and discussion forum
  2. their sequential organization as regards the status of initial (or 1st order) follow-up, a follow-up of a prior follow-up (2nd order follow-up), or nth-order follow-up, and
  3. their discursive realization as regards degrees of indirectness and responsiveness which are conceptualized as a continuum along the lines of fully explicit and fully responsive.