Strategic Workshop 'Matching in the EU: Market Failures and Solutions'

Bellaterra (Spain), 15-17 November 2012

Organised under the umbrella of the ESF Exploratory Workshops Scheme

Keywords: matching mechanisms; market design; entry-level professional labour markets; student admissions; kidney exchange


For most commodities, agents choose what they want at the prices they see. But many other markets are more complicated; you cannot simply choose what you want, even if you can afford it; you also have to be chosen.

Examples of such “matching markets” abound: the placement of students at universities, the matching schemes used in entry-level professional labour markets, etc. These matching markets often experience failures and inefficiencies. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, we aim to provide practical solutions.

We expect that the research projects resulting from the workshop will lead to clear policy implications at the national/European level.