14. May 2012

Call for Papers - International PhD Mentoring-Workshop on ‘Children’s Well-Being'

The International Society for Child Indicators Research (ISCI) in collaboration with the European Science Foundation (ESF) is organizing an international mentoring workshop for PhD students. [more]

18. April 2012

Call for ESF Research Conference Proposals

The European Science Foundation invites researchers to submit proposals for high-level research conferences within the framework of its Research Conferences Scheme. [more]

10. April 2012

ESF Research Networking Programme NeDiMAH - Call for participation in the 2nd Infoviz workshop - 21 July 2012 in Hamburg

This workshop entitled "Visual Tools and Methods in Digital Humanities: Representing, Reading, and Thinking about Knowledge Creation" will take place alongside the DH conference. [more]

20. March 2012

ESF Exploratory Workshops - 2012 Call for Proposals

The Call is open to proposals across all scientific domains. The focus of the scheme is to foster meetings that aim to open up new directions in research or to explore emerging research fields with potential impact on new developments in science. [more]

15. March 2012

ESF Research Networking Programme - PALATIUM - "Court Residences as Places of Exchange in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe" - Summer School Utrecht 2012

The School will take place in Utrecht (The Netherlands), with field trips to various castles and residences in The Netherlands and Germany from 1 to 11 July 2012. This event is organised by PALATIUM in cooperation with the Onderzoekschool Kunstgeschiedenis (Dutch Postgraduate School for Art... [more]

15. March 2012

ESF Research Networking Programme - DRUGS - Call for Papers: Animal Models, Model Animals? Meanings and Practices in the History

Proposals are invited for a One-Day Workshop examining the changing uses of animal models in biomedical research to be held at the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM), University of Manchester, on Friday 21st September 2012.  [more]

12. March 2012

ESF Research Networking Programme DRUGS - Call for papers

Is This the End? The Eclipse of the Therapeutic Revolution October 4- 6, 2012, University of Zurich, Switzerland [more]

9. March 2012

New Call for Participation - ESF Junior Summit "Water: Unite and Divide. Interdisciplinary approaches for a sustainable future"

The European Science Foundation (ESF) invites the next generation of leading scientists (‘early career researchers’) across the academic spectrum to participate in a four-day, in-depth discussion of the challenges and opportunities posed by inter (multi, trans) disciplinary research.  [more]

28. February 2012

Innovation is no easy answer, says the "science of innovation"

Innovation has improved human living standards to an unprecedented level, and is the key to further progress; but it can be a double-edged sword, as its effects are not necessarily always positive. [more]