24. November 2008

Europe Cores in EUROCORES – Ocean Drilling in EuroMARC

The oceans are our climate regulators, cover the sites of fundamental geodynamic, geochemical and biological processes and have high-resolution records of the Earth’s history in store for us. Scientific marine drilling and coring is crucial to cast light on both the deep and shallow (sub-)... [more]

19. November 2008

Understanding Europe’s Topography

The EUROCORES programme TOPO-EUROPE kicks off  [more]

27. June 2008

Podcast: Professor Marja Makarow on the Millennium Technology Prize

The Chief Executive of the ESF (ESF) Professor Marja Makarow speaks about the Millennium Technology Prize that was held in Helsinki, Finland on 11 June 2008.  [more]

17. June 2008

EuroDYNA leaves healthy genomic research ecosystem as legacy

Europe’s position as a major player in genome research has been boosted by the European Science Foundation’s three-year EUROCORES programme EuroDYNA. As it draws to a close, EuroDYNA (Dynamic Nuclear Architecture and Chromatin Function) is leaving behind a healthy European ecosystem of interacting... [more]

28. May 2008

Young Mineral Scientists Rock!

The EUROCORES Programme EuroMinScI Inititiative holds its 2nd Conference [more]

27. May 2008

Europe's biobanks need urgent coordination, scientists say

Leading European scientists say that there is an “urgent need” for greater coordination and harmonisation between Europe’s biobanks – repositories of genetic and other information from large numbers of people that can be used to investigate complex diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. To enable... [more]

23. May 2008

Search in the “quantum haystack” rewarded

Innsbruck Physicists of the EUROCORES Programme EuroQUAM achieve breakthrough with fermionic quantum gasses [more]

23. May 2008

Europeans unite to tap early universe for secrets of fundamental physics

Aim to produce new generation of astronomer that understands theory and observation [more]

17. March 2008

Ten Questions with Descartes Prize laureate Dr. Eric Wolff (British Antarctic Survey), member of the EPICA Team

1. What does winning the Descartes Prize mean to you and EPICA (European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica)? Winning the Descartes Prize is a great recognition of the work of the EPICA team.  It shows that the science that has come out of it is interesting and important for climate... [more]

22. February 2008

The new dynamics of European migration

Policy issues on migration in Europe could easily provoke heated debates and generate enormous interest.  These issues have recently drawn a crowd of over 40 researchers and about 50 students, journalists, policymakers and others to Nice in December 2007 for an ESF conference on migration and... [more]