17. January 2008

ESF’s workshop restores good name of sugar

Glycoscience now hotbed of medical research [more]

13. December 2007

EuroBioForum Sows the Seeds for Future Life Sciences Initiatives in Europe

A meeting of researchers, administrators and funding agencies has laid the foundations for a key part of Europe’s future research strategy in the life sciences.The EuroBioForum conference in Lisbon, Portugal on 6 and 7 December, organised by the European Science Foundation (ESF) and the European... [more]

21. November 2007

EuroBioForum to showcase institute’s effort to step up cardio-vascular disease research

An ambitious European collaboration proposes to set up a new institute to focus funding, coordinate projects, and nurture the requisite skills for accelerating research into cardiovascular disease, the cause of between 30 and 50 percent of the continent’s deaths, depending on the country. The... [more]

13. November 2007

Europe takes aim at major metabolic disease with Systems Biology

A major European initiative against major metabolic disorders such as obesity is to be launched at the EuroBioForum conference at Lisbon in December 2007. The aim is to revolutionise the way medical research is conducted by taking an engineering-led approach under the umbrella of systems biology,... [more]

12. November 2007

Podcast: European Polar Board’s Professor Carlo-Alberto Ricci on the EPB’s works and INFRAPOLAR

Listen to the podcast The Chairman of the European Polar Board (EPB) Professor  Carlo-Alberto Ricci speaks about the EPB’s achievement in 2007 and its plan for 2008. He also discusses the EPB’s plan to launch INFRAPOLAR, an effort to network European Polar Research stations in the Arctic and... [more]

12. November 2007

Podcast: IPY International Programme Office’s David Carlson on the International Polar Year update

Listen to the podcast Dr.  David Carlson,  Director of the International Programme Office, speaks about the achievement of the IPY and its upcoming plan. Carlson was attending the European Polar Summit, which was held on the 7th November in Rome. The Summit titled 'The Future of... [more]

30. October 2007

The winding road from farm to fork: ESF - COST to hold conference on Food Systems

Food is a basic human need. But in an advanced society, it gets to us in complex ways. On November 5-6, the European Science Foundation (ESF) and the European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST) will gather experts on the food systems to consider the scientific and... [more]

10. July 2007

Statement on the Panel Report on the Final Review of the EC-ESF Contract for COST

Professor Francesco Fedi, President of the COST Committee of Senior Officials (CSO), and Dr. John Marks, Chief Executive Officer of the European Science Foundation (ESF), released the following joint preliminary Statement.The Final Panel Report “Final Review of COST in the Sixth Framework... [more]

19. February 2007

Epigenetics to shape stem cell future

Everyone hopes that one day stem cell-based regenerative medicine will help repair diseased tissue. Before then, it may be necessary to decipher the epigenetic signals that give stem cells their unique ability to self-renew and transform them into different cell types.  [more]