20. February 2012

HERA Joint Research Programme "Cultural Encounters" Call for Proposals open

New €18.5 million HERA Joint Research Programme “Cultural Encounters” Call for Proposals is now open Deadline for submission of Outline Proposals: Friday 4 May, 14:00 Central European Time/13:00 Greenwich Mean Time. The HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area) Network is pleased to... [more]

7. February 2012

European Social Survey Round 7

ESS Round 7 Call For Question Module Design Teams Now Open [more]

8. December 2011

Scientists Identify Strategies to Conquer Lifestyle and Genetic Factors Related to Chronic Diseases

Recommendations Published in Supplement to The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. [more]

1. December 2011

The ESF Research Networking Programme Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences 2 (QMSS2) launches a call for participants to attend a Summer School in 2012.

It will provide opportunities for junior researchers to undertake high-level training in the latest developments in quantitative methods. It will also enable researchers to interact and share ideas and expertise based upon recent research. [more]

21. September 2011

EuroCORECODE announces the launch of its Master’s Degree Thesis Award

The EUROCORES programme on European Comparisons in Regional Cohesion, Dynamics and Expressions - EuroCORECODE, is pleased to announce the launch of its Master’s Degree Thesis Award. [more]

4. July 2011

Research Conference Call for Subsidy Applications - Early-Career Researchers

First-Person Writing, Four-Way Reading. This three-day interdisciplinary research conference on literature, history, medical humanities & ethnography will be held 1-3 December 2011 in Birkbeck, University of London, UK. [more]

8. January 2009

Podcast: Professor Jörn Thiede on the European Research Icebreaker Aurora Borealis

Professor Jörn Thiede from the University of Copenhagen, who is also the former director of the Alfred Wegener Institute (1997 – 2007), speaks about the European Research Icebreaker Aurora Borealis. The development of Aurora Borealis, the first European research vessel for the Arctic, is the main... [more]

19. December 2008

How mirror neurons allow us to learn and socialise by going through the motions in the head

The old adage that we can only learn how to do something by trying it ourselves may have to be revised in the light of recent discoveries in neuroscience. It turns out that humans, primates, some birds, and possibly other higher animals have mirror neurons that fire in the same pattern whether... [more]

12. December 2008

How My Country Influences My Behaviour

HumVIB, the first EUROCORES programme in the social sciences, kicks off [more]