3. February 2012

2020 Signatures for a gender sensitive Horizon 2020

As a follow up to the First European Gender Summit, a new Manifesto aims to overcome the gender inequalities that still compromise research and innovation excellence. [more]

27. January 2012

Nobel laureate in Physics at ESF Graphene Week 2012

ESF Research Conferences is proud to announce that Nobel Prize in Physics Konstantin Novoselov will be a speaker at the “Graphene Week 2012”.  [more]

20. January 2012

Neuroscience conferences: the fruit of the partnership between ESF and FENS

The European Science Foundation (ESF) and the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) have agreed to jointly develop a series of groundbreaking conferences on Neurobiology, with no equivalent in Europe.  [more]

29. March 2011

2011 Nobel Laureates at this year’s ESF Research Conferences

Andre Geim, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics 2010 jointly with Konstantin Novoselov, will co-chair the ESF-LFUI Research Conference ‘Graphene Week 2011: Fundamental Science of Graphene and Applications of Graphene-Based Devices’. Konstantin Novoselov is one of the invited speakers. The... [more]

23. November 2010

ESF Research Conferences - Outcomes of 2010 feedback survey on the long-term impact of ESF Research Conferences

The ESF Research Conferences Scheme is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. This is a reason to share stories and impressions, but also an opportunity to improve the scheme further, and to make it even more relevant to the researchers’ interests and needs. Therefore, a survey was... [more]

3. June 2010

ESF Conferences travel update: volcanic ash cloud still affecting travel conditions in Europe

Due to the current transport difficulties across Europe, there is a possibility that our conference programmes may not be able to go ahead as planned. Nevertheless, our conferences will take place on the scheduled dates whenever possible and we aim to make the information available for all... [more]

12. February 2009

Biobanks will provide “electronic specimens” for medical research

Future medical research will focus increasingly on electronic data, with less need both for laboratory animals and tissue samples. This long term trend emerged at a recent conference on biobanking organised by the European Science Foundation (ESF), which dealt with the challenges posed by the... [more]

23. December 2008

Computers team up with evolution to design novel enzymes

The dream of designer drugs highly specific in action with zero side effects has come closer by combining atomic level computer prediction with natural selection in the laboratory. Following the 2008’s first design of an artificial enzyme for catalysing a chemical reaction, there is increased... [more]

20. December 2008

Dream of quantum computing closer to reality as mathematicians chase key breakthrough

The ability to exploit the extraordinary properties of quantum mechanics in novel applications, such as a new generation of super-fast computers, has come closer following recent progress with some of the remaining underlying mathematical problems. In particular, the operator theory used to... [more]

9. December 2008

Computation and genomics data drive bacterial research into new golden age

A potent combination of powerful new analysis methods and abundant data from genomics projects is carrying microbiology forward into a new era. Bacteria in particular are shedding light on fundamental molecular and signalling processes of interest not just within microbiology, but across the whole... [more]