Organisational Structure

The overall responsibility for the governance of the HERA JRP lies with the HERA JRP Board, whose membership is formed by one representative from each participating funding organisation. The HERA JRP Board will monitor the project selection process and the progress and knowledge transfer activities of the funded projects.
Proposal assessment is the responsibility of the international, independent Review Panel. The final funding decisions are made by the HERA JRP Board on the basis of the recommendations of the Review Panel. The members of the Review Panel are leading humanities scholars, appointed by the HERA JRP Board following suggestions from participating funding organisations. After the award of the grants, the Review Panel will also monitor the overall research progress of the HERA JRP and the funded projects.
A Project Leaders Group (PLG) will be established once the CRPs have commenced their funded research projects. The PLG is composed of the Project Leaders of all funded CRPs but external experts and non-academic stakeholders can be co-opted. The main tasks of the group will involve working with the HERA JRP Board and organising dissemination and knowledge transfer activities for the funded projects. It will also assist the Handling Agency in organising these activities.
The European Science Foundation (ESF) will act as the Handling Agency for the HERA JRP call management and selection process.