Standing Committee for Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences (LEE (formerly LESC))

Earth Sciences

Research Networking Programmes:

EARTHTIME - The European Contribution (EARTHTIME-EU)

Micro-Dynamics of Ice (Micro-DICE)

Tall TOwer and surface Research network for verification of Climate relevant emissions of Human origin in Europe (TTORCH)

The Functionality of Iron Minerals in Environmental Processes (FIMIN)

Natural Molecular Structures as Drivers and Tracers of Terrestrial C Fluxes (MOLTER)

Mediterranean Climate Variability and Predictability (MedCLIVAR)

ESF Magellan Workshops Series 

European Collaborative Research (EUROCORES) Programmes:

4-D Topography Evolution in Europe: Uplift, Subsidence and Sea Level Change (TOPO-EUROPE)

European Collaboration for Implementation of Marine Research on Cores (EuroMARC)