Standing Committee for Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences (LEE (formerly LESC))

Environmental Sciences

Research Networking Programmes:

Micro-Dynamics of Ice (Micro-DICE)

Tall TOwer and surface Research network of Climate relevant emissions of Human origin in Europe (TTORCH)

The Functionality of Iron Minerals in Environmental Processes (FIMIN) -

Climate Change - Manipulation Experiments in Terrestrial Ecosystems (CLIMMANI)

Natural Molecular Structures as Drivers and Tracers of Terrestrial C Fluxes (MOLTER)

Frontiers of Speciation Research (FroSpects)

Mediterranean Climate Variability and Predictability (MedCLIVAR)


European Collaborative Research (EUROCORES) Programmes:

Ecosystem Functioning and Biodiversity in the Deep Sea (EuroDEEP

Molecular Science for a Conceptual Transition from Fossil to Solar Fuels (EuroSolarFuels)