EUROCORES Programmes in the Humanities

Current programmes

  • Understanding and Misunderstanding: Cognition, Communication and Culture (EuroUnderstanding)
  • European Comparisons in Regional Cohesion, Dynamics and Expressions (EuroCORECODE)

Completed programmes

  • Better Analysis Based on Endangered Languages (EuroBABEL)
  • Logical Modelling in Interaction, Communication, Cognition and Computation (LogICCC)
  • The Evolution of Cooperation and Trading (TECT
  • Technology and the Making of Europe, 1850 to the Present (Inventing Europe
  • Consciousness in a Natural and Cultureal Context (CNCC)  
  • Histories from the North - environments, movements, narratives (BOREAS)  
  • The Origin of Man, Language and Languages (OMLL)