Humanities strategic workshop "Borders Through Time And Space: Towards An Ontology"

Barcelona, Spain, 29-31 October 2014

Organised under the umbrella of the ESF Exploratory Workshops Scheme


border; mobility; formal ontologies


The objective of the workshop is to contribute to a better understanding of bordering processes in a long-term perspective and at different institutional and geographical scales, through the exploration of a trans-disciplinary modelling approach and the proposal of a common ontology.

The methodology of the workshop consists in combining:

a) specific case studies, from social sciences, chosen with the aim of covering a broad variety of borders types;
b) tools to elaborate an ontology of borders, relying both on classical conceptual analysis (philosophy) and semantic modelling (knowledge engineering & representation).

The aim of the workshop is to pave the way for further transdisciplinary work.

Preliminary programme and list of participants

Yet to be released.