Inter-Disciplinary Activities at ESF

Humans in Outer Space (HiOS)
The ESF Standing Committee for the Humanities (HUM (formerly SCH)) has taken a strong interest in the study of the implications of space exploration by humans. This interest has led HUM (formerly SCH) to lead an interdisciplinary initiative on this topic with the European Space Sciences Committee (ESSC).

Following a major conference organised in Vienna in October 2007, a call for expressions of interest was launched in 2008 where 20 speakers were selected to present their paper at a  Forward Look Scoping Conference that took place in La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain) on 2 and 3 April 2009.

Space-faring nations are heading again for human exploration of the Moon and, eventually, of Mars. They might soon be prepared with regards technology development, but what about the viewpoint of the humanities (history, philosophy, anthropology), the arts as well as the social sciences (political science, economics, law)?

Vitruvian man on starry background