Humanities Spring

Humanities Spring 2011

National University Ireland, Maynooth

Early Career Researchers Forum:
“Changing Publication Cultures in the Humanities”

The ESF Standing Committee for the Humanities (HUM (formerly SCH)) offered on a competitive basis, full-cost awards to leading early career researchers in the Humanities to participate in the “ESF Humanities Spring 2011”.

The 2011 event was held under the title “Changing Publication Cultures in the Humanities” and took place at National University Ireland, Maynooth, on 9-11 June 2011.

A group of 20 early career researchers was selected by open competition and invited to address the opportunities and challenges facing them consequent on changes in publication cultures in the Humanities.

What is Humanities Spring?

Early Career Researchers Forum

The ESF Standing Committee for the Humanities (HUM (formerly SCH)) played a central role in coordinating existing and emerging transnational networks of scholars and institutions in the humanities. Stakeholders are national and international research funding bodies looking for new contributions to their discussions on strategic choices.

With the series of “Humanities Spring” events, the HUM (formerly SCH) wished to mobilise the creative potential of the next generation of leading humanities scholars to inform European-level coordination and foresight processes regarding research activities in the humanities.


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