Mapping Interfaces: The Future of Knowledge

Interdisciplinary New Initiatives Fund (INIF)

ESF Conference:

“Mapping Interfaces: The Future of Knowledge”

University of Iceland, Reykjavík 16-17 June 2009

The aim of the conference was to explore the borderlines evident in the production of knowledge, the forces of resistance to realignment and collaboration, and the possibility of alternative divisions of scientific labor.

It brought together a number of speakers from a variety of fields and resulted in publication of a report on discourses of disciplinarity and the contemporary relevance of interdisciplinarity.

The text has been put together under the guidance of the Steering Committee Chair, Professor Gísli Pálsson and with the precious contribution of its Vice Chair, Professor Ulrike Landfester, both members of the ESF Standing Committee for the Humanities.

Participating ESF Units:

Humanities and Social Sciences Unit                                     

Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences Unit