Urban Economic Life in Europe and the Mediterranean from Antiquity to the Early Modern Period

8-11 November 2012

All Souls College, University of Oxford, UK

All Souls College

Scientific background

The conference “Urban Economic Life in Europe and the Mediterranean from Antiquity to the Early Modern Period” focused on urban economic life in Europe and the Mediterranean from the emergence of Greece and Rome in the first millennium BCE up to the eve of the industrial revolution in the eighteenth century.

It brought together a group of leading scholars from a wide range of national and academic backgrounds and aimed to be the starting point for an interdisciplinary, Europe-wide collaboration that will foster comparative approaches to urban economic life in preindustrial societies.

Scientific programme

The conference consisted of four sessions, focusing on respectively, Urban economies through the ages; Economic life and urban space; Guilds and Professional Associations; and Family, gender and the economy.

Each session consisted of four papers: one focusing on antiquity, one on the Islamic world, one on medieval Europe, and one on early modern Europe. The papers addressed the main theme on a level that made it possible to focus on differences and similarities between places and periods in subsequent discussions. Each session ended with a plenary discussion led by an expert discussant.

Keynote speakers

  • Jan Dumolyn (Belgium, Ghent University)
  • Peter Stabel (Belgium, Antwerp University)
  • Maya Shatzmiller (Canada, University of Western Ontario)
  • Alan Walmsley (Denmark, University of Copenhagen)
  • Anne Montenach (France, Université de Aix-en-Provence)
  • Laurent Feller (France, Université de Paris)
  • Dominique Margairaz (France, Université de Paris)
  • Nicolas Tran (France, Université de Poitiers)
  • Fanny Bessard (France, Institut Français du Proche-Orient)
  • Maarten Prak (The Netherlands, University of Utrecht)
  • Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk (The Netherlands, Institute for Social History)
  • Onur Yildirim (Turkey, Middle East Technical University)
  • Miko Flohr (UK, University of Oxford)
  • Andrew Wilson (UK, University of Oxford)
  • Jeremy Goldberg (UK, University of York)
  • Cameron Hawkins (USA, University of Chicago)

Programme Committee

  • Miko Flohr, University of Oxford
  • Kristin Kuutma, University of Tartu
  • Peter Funke, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität
  • François-Joseph Ruggiu, Paris IV – Sorbonne
  • Andrew Wilson, University of Oxford

Further information

Detailed information is available on the conference webpage.

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