CALL FOR PAPERS - Small groups

The Call is NOW CLOSED

In addition to invited speakers (4 keynotes + 16 panellists), there will be a Call for Papers for the small group sessions, which will be selected by the Programme Committee according to quality, suitable groupings and parity of spread (nationality, seniority, age, field). Applicants may alternatively be invited to bring posters, to be presented at a poster session on Day 2.

Deadline for application: 4 June 2011, 12 noon CET
see the Call for Papers (PDF)

Small-group topics
Proposed topics will be selected and grouped by the members of the Programme Committee. Groupings may be generic, crossing all or most of the four fields; examples:

  • ‘Writing madness’, which could include medical reports, Freudian case-studies or surrealist automatic writing;
  • ‘Journals’, which would combine ostensible fiction with ostensible non-fiction;
  • ‘Early writing’, which might include material from the history of reading or childhood writing;

or focused on:

  • a language-field;
  • a historical moment;
  • a writer/set of writers.

Proposals are also welcome from groups of three or four researchers wishing to offer a panel topic; please make this grouping clear in your applications.