• Stem Cell Niches - Third EuroSTELLS Workshop in Barcelona, Spain, 10-12 January 2008


  • Challenges in Stem Cell Differentiation and Transplantation - Second EuroSTELLS Workshop in Milan, Italy, 30 September - 3 October 2007.

  • EuroSTELLS at the ESF-Wellcome Trust Conference 'Animal Biotechnology and its Applications to Animal and Human Health', Hinxton, United Kingdom, 14-16 June 2007.  To see the programme, please click here.

  • EuroSTELLS at the Spring School "Cell Signalling and Artificial Differentiation in Regenerative Medicine" in Oslo, 14-25 May 2007. For more information click here.

  • EuroSTELLS at 2007 RESCUE Workshop “What is new in Europe in the field of Regenerative Medicine?” Basel, Switzerland, 23-25 February 2007.


  • EuroSTELLS at the Spring School on Regenerative Medicine 'Isolation and induction of neuronal progenitor cells' and Practical course 'Electrophysiology and Proteomics of developing neuronal cells' in Rostock, Germany, 19 June - 2 July 2006.

  • EuroSTELLS at the European Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Conference in London, United Kingdom, 6 June 2006. Professor Stefan Krauss and Professor Elaine Dzierzak, EuroSTELLS Project Leaders, discussed their work in the Stem Cell Systems Biology Panel Session: 'Regulating the molecular process for stem cell self renewal and maintenance of pluripotency'.

  • Conference General Biology of Stem Cell Systems - First EuroSTELLS Conference in Venice, Italy, 19-21 March 2006