Synthetic Biology: Engineering Complex Biological Systems (EuroSYNBIO)

Governing Bodies

The quality of the EUROCORES Programme EuroSYNBIO is ensured by the following committees:

Management Committee

The programme is overseen by the Management Committee (MC) which is formed by one representative of each of the participating National funding agencies.

Review Panel

An independent international Review Panel (RP), formed of leading experts in the field, oversees the scientific aspects of the programme.  The Review Panel plays a key role in the Selection and Review Process.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee - responsible for the Networking and Dissemination activities - consists of the EuroSYNBIO Project Leaders and the EUROCORES Programme Coordinator.


Each Full Proposal has been assessed by at least three independent external expert referees who were selected by the ESF from a pool of scientists suggested by the participating funding organisations and the Review Panel.