Cross-National and Multi-level Analysis of Human Values, Institutions and Behaviour (HumVIB)


Understanding European Diversity: Cross-National Analysis of Human Values, Attitudes and Behaviour

How can we make progress in understanding European diversity? The HumVIB programme brought together 28 research teams in 14 countries over three years in an interdisciplinary programme of comparative research to investigate how human values, attitudes and behaviours are influenced by the characteristics of the multi-level systems in which they are found.

At the HumVIB Final Conference on 8-10 September 2011, the findings of six multinational Collaborative Research Projects on the following topics were presented and discussed:

• Attitudes to the welfare state

• Organisation of the life-course

• Subjective well-being

• Gender inequality

• Voter turnout and abstention

• Congruence between political elites and citizens

The conference also gave occasion to reflect on how to make further progress in understanding European diversity in social institutions and behaviours, with respect to theory, data and methods. A panel of invited speakers closed the conference with a discussion of these issues and possible ways forward.

A special open session of the conference was devoted to short presentations by early-career researchers.

Programme, abstracts and participants

Download the Conference Programme, the Book of Abstracts and the List of Participants.